Ella’s Kitchen

Ella's kitchen is a brand created in the UK by a father Paul Lindley to provide the best food for her daughter Ella! All products are 100% organic and in soft, nature- and child-friendly packages Only organic fruits and vegetables are used in Ella's kitchen organic baby foods.Ella’s kitchen products are suitable for use beginning from the age of 4 months.From Ella's kitchen products we provide our customers:


Tube purees

Among from every demanding consumer finds his or her favorite. The assortment includes fruit, vegetable and root crop purees. Pack sizes vary between 70 - 130 gr.

Finger Foods

are nutritious and healthy snacks for children from 6 and 10 months. Selection of 5 different flavors of pineapple.


there are 3 different flavors to choose from. For the youngest, banana-several crops baby rice, for the larger strawberry-raspberry porridge and for the oldest banana-cinnamon muesli.

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