Globus offers healthy canned vegetables without additives. Much of the vegetables are grown, processed and packaged in Hungary, which guarantees that the vegetables are as fresh as possible when canned. All products are packaged in glass jars or canned and sizes vary from 212 to 2550 ml. The assortment has 7 different categories, which are divided into:



There are different mixtures of vegetables in the series. They can easily be used in stews, soups and other dishes. No product contains genetically modified organisms.


the series includes pre-cooked vegetables that are perfect for lunch and dinner


The product line includes sweet corn, which is produced every year in August. Raw corn is jarred during four hours after picking to preserve the crunchiness and all the essentials vitamins a human needs. No preservatives or dyes have been added to the product.


The series includes a variety of classic vegetable blends that are perfect for any meal. A variety of healthy vegetables are in selection to help enrich our diet.

Vacuum packages

Products contained in vacuum packages are steamed which helps to maintain the natural flavors of the vegetables. While packaging, a very minimal amount of liquid is used which ensures that the jar contains more vegetables.


The series includes only organic sweet corn and pea peas, which are of very high quality and grown in Hungarian organic farms.


The series is devoted to children and the design incorporates with a fun rabbit! The cans are big enough for one meal.

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