Nature Box

Nature Box is a natural hit product with no additives! Nature Box helps show the beauty of hair and skin with products that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants from fruits and nuts. With 100% cold pressed natural oils. 5 priced ingredients and 5 series:


hair care line includes shampoo, conditioner and after-care. This helps to repair the hair and broken ends. In addition, the range also includes body care products where you will find: Shower gel, body cream, body scrub and body butter.


hair care line include shampoo, conditioner and after-care. The products help restore the shine of damaged hair and make it softer. For body care products we offer shower gel, body scrub and body butter.


hair care products include shampoo and conditioner. These products deeply moisturize, reduce dryness of the scalp and restore dry-damaged hair. There are two body care products with coconut: shower gel and body cream!


hair care includes shampoo, conditioner and after-care. Products in the almond range contain an oil that makes hair fluffy and soft, but not heavy. For body care, we offer a shower gel and body cream that are perfect for sensitive skin.


the series contains only body care products that soothe the skin and soften dry and chapped skin. Shower gel and body cream are available.

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